A Story of Shopping at Amazon.com

Are you looking for a hot topic to debate with your family and friends over the holidays? Amazon could be the perfect choice. Some people see this giant online retailer as the beast that steamrolled brick and mortar commerce. Others are angry about Amazon’s recent and very public search for a city to host its new headquarters. While Amazon is certainly on many naughty lists this year, I’m still stuck on how and why this online retailer commands such a loyal following.

I think most of what Amazon does really well is tell a story. Amazon.com conveys a clear message from the moment you land on the site until you are ready to buy. I know that I can find exactly what I need and get it shipped to me without exerting much effort. Amazon has gone to great lengths to convey this message and I have become a regular user because I buy into this message.

This indicates that Amazon knows its audience. Each time I visit Amazon.com, I feel like it is a custom shopping experience. Amazon shows me recommendations based on previous purchases and I can choose filters so that I see only the products I want to see.

The true beauty of my custom shopping trip truly shines with Amazon’s use of visuals and product reviews. Amazon’s story is interactive and that makes the products come to life.

Amazon’s story is not in a book or an anthology, but it is a scrollable, searchable, online catalogue of products. I think what attracts me and others to Amazon is the message. That message is more than just an offer of products to buy. The message is personalized and reflects knowledge of the user.